Utilizing the Athena Method clients can achieve their desired results. The method is founded in nursing process combined with nursing knowledge, life experience, intuition, the skills of an empath and mindset principles to deliver consistent, measurable results.

My clients go through breakdowns, transitions, breakthroughs, and transformation.



Create ways to heal your relationships through simple exercises and reconnect with your inner voice.

Weekly one hour 1:1 coaching session recorded on Zoom

Zoom is a powerful tool that works for your benefit. I am happy to send you a copy of the recording or allow you to record your session. The advantage is you can go back and review your coaching session.

Emergency laser coaching sessions

When an emergency rises(and we know they will), have me on your team to aid you during the hardship you may be facing. Know that regardless whatever may occur you have someone on your team.

Proven program to create a toolkit

Each lesson bring forth different tools which you can now have and know how to use when need be. I'll guide you to how best treat any situation you find yourself in.

The Programs

Heal your symptoms program

24 Weeks

This program is the right fit for the nurse that wants to address the symptoms they are suffering from related to Trauma and/or Stress Disorders


  • Weekly one hour 1:1 coaching session recorded on Zoom

  • Bi-Weekly email support

  • 2 Emergency laser coaching sessions 20 minutes each

  • 6 Modules broken down into 4 lessons

  • Begin to Create your mind, body, spirit toolkit

heal your life program

48 Weeks

This program is the right fit for the nurse that wants to live their life with happiness, freedom, healthy relationships, authenticity, and optimal wellness.


  • Weekly one hour 1:1 coaching session recorded on Zoom

  • Daily email support

  • 5 Emergency laser sessions coaching sessions 20 minutes each

  • Daily Voxer support

  • 12 modules broken down into 4 lessons each

  • A Mind, Body, Spirit Toolbox of tools that are always at your disposal

Reach out for a
1 hour free coaching session

You will be given multiple opportunities to get outside of your comfort zone.

What is the worst thing that will happen? Are you willing to allow yourself to?

Sign up for a free
Life wellness evaluation exam

Uncover 1 limiting belief that prevents you from having the intimacy you desire in your relationships


Charlotte is very intuitive and is able to guide you exactly where you need to go, before you even know you need to go there. This gift led me to a revelation that has helped move me forward with my vision and goals. I confidently recommend her wonderful coaching services.

Rosa L.

I rarely come across real talents who stand out like Charlotte’s ability to provide the best outcome for her clients! Working together to achieve a transformational experience is done in a supportive safe space. Upon completion of the session, you will leave feeling inspired, motivated and optimistic about what life has to offer.

Dan S.

I cannot begin to thank you enough for all the kindness, and warmth you gave my husband and I in our most difficult time.

Nancy N.

Thank you for taking out the bad days and keeping me with good days and really making me feel like someone really cared for me.



All you need to know about my services

What make you different than anyone else?

I am the Woo-Woo Nurse. I can help people heal through focusing on mindset, spirituality and nursing education. The combination is a perfect combination of my Mind, Body, Spirit. As a Life Coach, I am still teaching. The focus of the teaching as a life coach is 100% individualized. The commonality with all my coaching clients is the Athena Method.

What drew you to coaching?

I have always drawn people towards me when it comes to seeking advice. As a nurse, we like to help people. Once I saw how the two fit together, it was a natural fit that draws on my natural gifts and formal training. My husband would always ask, can’t you get paid to do this? The surprising answer is, yes. However, the right coach is not the right coach for everyone. Make sure you connect with your coach.

Why is connecting with your coach important?

Why is connecting with your patients important? The two of us have a very close relationship. I will be your voice when you are too tired to have one as long as tomorrow you are willing to talk. The key is for me to understand your behaviors so that you benefit the most out of our coaching time together.

How do you separate your work as a nurse educator and a life coach?

I do not. I do not have to. No matter what I do, that is part of my identity. However, as an educator, I do like a lot of interaction. I do not tell you what you need to know. You will be drawn to what you need during classroom teaching. The role as a life coach allows me to let you be in the driver’s seat. What I do is help, clear the path. You have lost your connection to yourself. The length of time we work together is up to how quickly you can realign to your natural self.

I love working with people. Being a nurse who suffered and there was no one like me, I realized the need. There are many nurses suffering with Trauma and/or Stress Disorders. I do not want to see any of them suffer especially when you can thrive afterwards. All it takes is starting with one decision.

Once the decision was made, I chose to take a formal course that required vigorous study. I became a Certified Transformational Mindset Coach. Taking a fixed structure and combining it with the ability individualize the process, intuition, life, experience and being an HSP brings you the results you desire.

Why would I go to you?

I only want to see my clients move forward. I work with people that would like to move forward in their lives and are willing to go outside of their comfort zone. The advantage of having a nurse work with you is, we have fundamental training. The stress your under can be related to. I was a high-risk labor and delivery nurse for 9 ½ years. I loved every minute of it, especially my antepartum patients.

What is your philosophy when it comes to healing?

Keep it simple. No one wants to do too many things, especially at once. Healing should be easy, not overwhelming or cause anxiety. No one should be upset because they must think. All the clients I work with want to not only recover but go to “optimal wellness”. I always like my clients to understand what to expect and be willing to accept the unexpected.

Recovery can be a place of transition. Transition can become transformation. Once transformation occurs, what was cannot be undone. Transformation can be one of the most freeing time in a person’s life or the scariest. I love working with those that are willing to deal with the fear to get to the freedom of being well healed.

What is the Athena Method?

The method was designed for my clients going through periods of transition and often leads to breakthroughs and transformations. There are six steps from start to end. The steps are simplistic with measurable and consistent results. The steps are founded in nursing process combined with my kitchen sink, plus the principles of transformational mindset.

What is the reason you do not sell individual sessions?

I have found that when you schedule individual sessions versus group packages of weekly coaching, the clients are more serious about their recovery. A person tends to recognize their investment in self when there is continuity and accountability. As a coaching client, you are investing money, time, and energy. Packages save you money.

Why recorded on zoom versus the phone?

As a coach with natural gifts, zoom is a powerful tool that works for your benefit. I am happy to send you a copy of the recording or allow you to record your session. The advantage is you can go back and review your coaching session. Seeing your face and watching your mannerisms is a lot like being there. A great way for us to connect.